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Don't you expect high efficiency  in your vehicles - that is, super fuel economy, high power, lower temperatures and  clean emissions? ​You should, but today's engines are getting less than 30% of the available energy delivered to the wheels - not much improvement  in efficiency since its birth in 1869. More than $3 of every $4 that you spend on fuel is spent on heat whether in a hybrid or not. You can't call that fuel economy, no matter what you drive.

Echelon Engine has gone inside of the internal combustion engine and changed the way combustion takes place, letting nature herself do more of the work. The prize of our patented technology is a truly high efficiency engine - an engine technology that improves fuel economy, horsepower, and emissions. Our innovative, green technology is being engineered for applications with all fuels and engine designs including automotive, recreational, agricultural, marine, aviation, construction, generation, refrigeration, pumps,  and numerous other stationary uses. The improvements likewise apply to any hybrid combination that uses an internal combustion engine for battery charging, electrical generation or mileage extending.