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Recognized: Houston Tech Conference

December 13, 2013


Paul is guest speaker at Korean-American Energy E & P Society where
Echelon’s innovation was explained and acclaimed.




Brazilian Delegation

November 8, 2013


Attorneys and Govt. official visit to Orem shop to witness
prototype demonstration and see technical presentation.




Taking the Echelon Engine to the World

September 25, 2013


CEO J. Paul Ogden enters the state building in Curitiba,
Paraná, Brazil.






Paul meets with David Neeleman, President of
Azul Airlines, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Talks w/ Dean of Polytechnic School (most eminent in So. Amer.)
at the University of Sao Paulo on Echelon achievements
and joint tech effort with the University of Utah.



US Patent Issued

October 2013

The first Echelon patent was issued in the U.S. and continued for
additional protection; other countries to follow.






The Prototype’s First Run

October 2010

The first Echelon Prototype has a continuous successful run.