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Let’s face it: gas prices are more than we want them to be, and we have no choice but to pay up. No one is happy about it, but what makes it even worse is that our car engines are not as efficient as they could be. Did you know that 70% of the energy produced in an internal combustion engine is lost to heat? In addition, the pressure of combustion and the crank are not optimally in sync. So what does all of this mean? It means that your engine is not as efficient as it should be, costing you money at the pump.facts2


To capture the energy lost as heat, the Echelon Engine has another chamber built into the head (which we call an expansion chamber) coupled with the combustion chamber by way of a port. Our unique, patented design provides a way to harness the energy captured in this chamber in order to improve fuel efficiency. For specific details, please contact us directly.

A prototype built by Echelon Engine LLC



1. The fuel burn is more complete so emissions are cleaner.​ The duration of time at high temperature for the gasses in the Echelon Engine is a fraction of the normal time in the traditional engine so NOx production will be less. Next, endothermic reaction time during the combustion is reduced which also minimizes energy loss.

2. The improved burn also means less carbon buildup in the engine and cleaner oil, cleaner engine, and less wear.

3. Normal internal pressures will cause less structural stress than in the same engine without the Echelon technology employed ― mostly because the combustion energy is being accumulated rather than restricted and applied with greater force when the crank is in optimal position.

4. With this technology designed to work effectively in a gasoline fueled engine, we can see that further refined variations will adapt to natural gas, diesel, propane, ethanol and bio-diesel fuels. Yes, even hydrogen fueled engines will benefit from the same universal technology.

5. Obviously, the smaller engine doing the same amount of work means less weight and fuel to carry and presents a huge advantage for applications in small aircraft and all marine uses.