Echelon Engine

Finally, nature is unleashed inside of the internal combustion engine.

Echelon Engine

No charging stations out there? Go the distance.

Echelon Engine

Just around the bend…   Cheap power generation

The Problem

Let’s face it: gas prices are more than we want them to be, and we have no choice but to pay up. No one is happy about it, but what makes it even worse is that our car engines are not as efficient as they could be. Did you know that 70% of the energy produced in an internal combustion engine is lost to heat? In addition, the pressure of combustion and the crank are not optimally in sync. So what does all of this mean? It means that your engine is converting fuel energy into heat and very little of it into beneficial work (torque).

About Echelon Engine

Echelon Engine has gone inside of the internal combustion engine and changed the way combustion takes place, letting nature herself play a bigger part in the process. The prize of our patented technology is a truly high-efficiency engine – an engine technology that improves fuel economy, horsepower, and emissions. Our innovative, green technology is being engineered for applications with all fuels and engine designs including automotive, recreational, agricultural, marine, aviation, construction, generation, refrigeration, pumps,  and numerous other stationary uses. The improvements likewise apply to any hybrid combination that uses an internal combustion engine for battery charging, electrical generation or mileage extending.

The Solution

To capture the energy lost as heat, the Echelon Engine innovation uses our unique, patented design that provides a way to harness the energy and suspend it as potential energy for delayed application on the crank. This magnifies torque (power).

Stage I

The Echelon Engine innovation maintains proper compression for ignition just as it is in the standard engine.

Stage II

Echelon’s concept is moved into the block and facilitates, retrofitting for larger engines, also compatibility with 2-cycle engines.

Stage III

The validated technology is now incorporated into the current moving parts under the head, reducing manufacturing cost.

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