Echelon Team

Douglas Furr

Inventor, Founder and CEO

Douglas K. Furr, PhD., is the developer of the Echelon Engine technology and founder of the company. He continues as Vice President and Engineer. Having worked for and consulted with the U.S. Army, McDonnell-Douglas, Warner-Lambert, Becton-Dickinson, R P Scherer, and others, Dr. Furr’s broad experience in applying his mechanical engineering expertise has kept him from being limited to a narrow lane of ideas. He currently owns and operates Advance Plastics as master mold maker and engineer. However, his depth of understanding pertaining to metallurgy and the relationship of moving parts with different characteristics and complementary functions allowed him to see the improper phasing of the combustion components in the IC engine. Unhampered by industry tradition, his exploration of the engine’s inner workings finally yielded “cycle 2016” which qualified critics have ecstatically called “revolutionary,” “the greatest improvement to the engine since its invention,” “the Holy Grail.” There is mastery and then there is the art of creation. Dr. Furr has conceived and created all of the new parts needed for three prototypes to prove the concepts and reveal the new horizon of iterations covered by his patents. Revolutionary patents are his familiar terrain along with classical music and history.

J. Paul Ogden

CEO, President

J. Paul Ogden, with a background in marketing, electronics, and acoustics, has had careers in retail in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, audio and surveillance system design for resorts and US government, developed a national dealer network in nonferrous commodities, established advertising firms in two US states and three Canadian provinces, owned four successful sales and technical companies and has consulted numerous organizations and private companies regarding sales, marketing and investment analysis. Paul’s passion for quality products and reliable solutions has led him into the automotive world with his associate, Dr. Furr, and an invention that has broken the barrier to the correct combustion process for internal combustion reciprocating piston engines. His personal commitment to this stewardship is driven by the many official appointments – both past and present – to presidencies, consultancies, boards and training positions where his responsibilities were indispensable. Now he is committed to real energy efficiency and a game change in the engine power business. Paul Ogden is a five-decade entrepreneur, certified Real Estate Investment Analyst, commercial real estate professional for 30 years, musician for 60 years, a devoted husband for 44 years and a glad father of seven children.

Advisory Board


40 Years in the Automotive Industry

  • THE “problem-solving go-to guy” in facility mgt, product devt, testing, quality control, union relations, Intl. Business for Chrysler and DCYI
  • Mgr.: of two major US-based automotive proving grounds and testing laboratory with an extended team of 1000+
  • His validation testing strategy saved $70M for Chrysler.
  • A Zyburt-led team developed measurement techniques enabling Chrysler to accurately predict Consumer Reports rating scores.
  • 10 patents • BS Industrial Technologies, NMU • Six Sigma Certification
  • Founder DCYI 2008 | Co-founder with daughter: Warrior Institute 2012


PhD, Founder and CTO, SimuQuest

  • 20 years member of GM’s China Project team
  • Key developer of China presence for GM & Delphi
  • A leader of Delphi in China and Head of GM’s Asia-Pacific aftermarket Experience leading advanced purchasing, aftermarket parts sales, supply chain and center mgt in the USA, China, Japan, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
  • 13yr. leadership in China – Asia included China head of Fiat/Iveco trucks, Navistar; Asia Pres. ZF Friedrichshafen AGU of Pennsylvania, MBA Finance & Intl. Bus. Columbia U
  • Fluent in English Chinese and German.

Brenda Baney

Founder/Owner B Cubed Consulting - Product Stewardship

MBA Indiana University Kokomo, BS Chemical Engineering Washington University, 30+ year career with Delphi in Materials Engineering & Product Environmental Compliance. Acknowledged expert in global chemical legislation, social responsibility, and materials for electronics & complex durable goods. Sought after speaker for product stewardship.

Dr. Kent Millington


Former director – tech transfer at UVU, has worked in technology development for 25 years, adjunct professor of business in China and Poland, previous CEO of IT and financial services companies, served 13 years on the Utah Transportation Commission.

LTCol. Penton Hollist

US Army (Pentagon ret.)

MS Computer Science Kansas State U, MS Logistic Mgt. USC, Leutenant Colonel, US Army ret – Logistics Pentagon, Sr Manager Deloitte & Touche, Sr VP J P Morgan Chase over corporate trust risk mgt, project management, stock transfer mgt.,

Sam Cho

PhD, P.E. past Pres. KEPS

PhD. Petroleum Engineering and Energy Mineral Resources U of Texas Austin, Chief Technology Consultant SK E&P Co, President Emeritus KEPS, Exec VP P E Moseley & Assoc., President Texakor Energy Resources

Raymond Turin

PhD, Founder and CTO, SimuQuest

PhD. Mechanical Engineering Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Research Engineer General Motors, Chief Technology Officer SimuQuest

Cecil Stevens

Combustion Analyst / NASCAR Consultant, Pres. Illusions Engine Devt. Inc

Highly respected consultant to NASCAR, featured guest speaker for AETC, published in Popular Mechanics and Dragzine.

William Stacey

BYU Mechanical Engineering Dept.

WW II Air Force, dec. Feb 5, 2018

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