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Consulate General of India Oct 2016
Bolivia and Chile consulates December 2015
Norway Ambassador Feb 2015

Korean – American Exploration and Production Society Annual Technology Conference September 2013

Pune, India May 2015
India CMC congress May 2015
Paraná Secy. of State, Casio Tanaguchi


Brazilian Delegation

December, 2013

Bangladeshi Consulate General

May 2013

Prof. Edson Spina & Prof. Dr. Roberto Cardoso, Dean of School of Engineering USP


“You have taught us that the goal of engine design is not to get more pressure on the piston, but to get more pressure on the crank.”

-Cecil Stevens

“We want tech like this for our auto mfg.”

-Ghurkan Suzer (Turkey Consulate):

“exactly what we need”

-Lawrence Luo (Pres. Puma Scooter)

“No need for test results, just your observations

-Jong – Gug Bae (Hyundai Heavy Ind.)

“6 Universities, National Lab

-Cassio Tanaguchi (Secy of State, Paraná,Brazil)

“extend our business100 years

-Dr.Sam Cho (Pres. KEPS Energy Expl&Prod)

“(USP)Echelon Engine as joint collaboration with U of U

-Prof.Dr Cardoso

greatest improvement to the engine since its invention.”

-Tim Stratford (atty.GM, US authority on China Trade)

“Holy Grail”

-John James (Ford physicist, OBD designer)

Houston Tech Conference

December 13, 2013 Paul is a guest speaker at Korean-American Energy E & P Society where Echelon’s innovation was explained and acclaimed.

Taking it Global

September 25, 2013 CEO J. Paul Ogden enters the state building in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

Ambassador to Mongolia


US Patent Issued

October 2012 The first Echelon patent was issued in the U.S. and continued for additional protection; other countries to follow.

The Prototype’s First Run

October 2010 The first Echelon Prototype has a continuous successful run.

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